2022 UPDATE: We've outgrown our first baby shop and are in the process of moving to the corner of 1101 N CALIFORNIA AVE . Look out for a full update and behind the scenes on our new space... COMING SOON

That feeling of looking through beautifully curated items, finding the ones you love, trying on a handful of rad pieces, really falling in love with it on the hanger and on your body. We miss it! As much as we both love the ease and endless variety of shopping online, we feel its a bit more fun to shop in real life! So...

We've opened up a shop featuring Chicago's best swimwear and vintage. We are so excited to show off the shop, but first- here's a peek into our transformation!

The Fox Club

The spot we found is a few doors down from our favorite bar ( Empty Bottle! ) and was a former hair salon. A little dose of fate since our vintage gal Chanel did hair for over a decade :)

vintage 80s permWe found a perm!

new small business chicago vintage 80s salon

80s weedWe found old ass weed! Thanks Tetiana!!80s hair salon girl boss

The walls were 2 shades of pink, 2 shades of purple with a large splash of teal. It had some really ugly drop ceilings so we got up on ladders and took that shit down!

A lot went into choosing our brand and store colors. We wanted to work with some of the pink Tetiana had chosen and wanted to bring in a ton of Fenton Fox's signature branding color, hot red. We toyed with keeping the purple and lavender tones but quickly realized it had to go. The hot red was more important. 

When Lizzie was first branding Urban Fox (lingerie precursor to Fenton Fox), she wanted to choose the perfect color for a sweet brand:  

"Lingerie to me seemed pretty girly, which means pink, but there's no way I could go with a straight-up, traditional pink.  Hot Red was pretty much my favorite color anyway, and the more I thought about it, the more perfect it seemed to hang out with the Fox logo. When I see that color, it screams nostalgia: grocery store signage, circuses, those cardboard concert posters from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and construction sites.  It's not NOT a pain in the ass color ( It's a total pain in the ass )  -it's hard to paint, like it takes eight coats instead of two 😂, and it's always special order to print. It was decided on in 2007 ( ! ) and I am still obsessed with it... and insist on seeing it all the time in our store.  When Louis Vuitton painted their pop-up on Randolph hot red, I was really excited for them even though they totally bit my rhymes...and I wondered how many coats they had to do..." 

We incorporated Goldstruck's favorite color.... GOLD! and sand tones to accentuate a beachy feel. 

girl boss

We enlisted a little help from some really magical friends, who will forever be Fox Club VIPs.

chicago swimwear

girl boss

Dad sent some tools. And damn! We sure did use em.

80s drop ceiling girl boss

There was pizza.

girl boss

There was plumming.

girl boss

There was drilling. The pizza was more fun.

girl bossSo much sweeping. SOOOOO much painting.

paint combo

dic and more

A few jokes...



pink ceiling tiles


Home Depot

Our second home. The Depot.

girl bossgirl boss

We are The Fox Club.

Chanel ( left ) sources and curates all of our vintage finds, is our go-to hair and makeup artist and takes care of our website and social media accounts. She's a California native who travels back and forth to find the best vintage between the west coast and midwest.

Lizzie ( right ) is our swimwear designer, maker and creative director. She's a costume designer with an extensive portfolio who is passionate about every role she is dressing and still finds time to make sure you feel like a fox in her custom swimwear.

Come hang with us! We are here to help you find the perfect swim for your hot bod, vintage finds to style with your new suit and are here to help customize to your size and style. Plus, we're fun. 

pizzavintage barber shop signs girl boss

We can't wait to see you in this new space we've created. 

1101 N California Ave 

Chicago, IL 



Lizzie and Chanel