Email us to set up a buying appointment! Please include pictures, and we will respond with any questions and schedule a purchasing appointment.

The Fox Club loves and values vintage AND your time.

We especially love:

Anything from the 60's to 80's

Women's designer from the any era up to the 80's

Resort wear from the 40's-80's

Anything Hawaiian from the 40's-80's

Any natural fabrics from the 40's-80's(silk, wool, cotton, linen, some rayons)

Costumes from any era up to the 80's

American denim and workwear(men's or women's) in any condition from any era up to the 80's

Accessories, bags, and shoes from the 40's-80's


Concert t's

Anything unique or special :)


Things we aren't so interested in:

Anything from 2002 til now

Most fur coats(intricate or mod looks we will check out!)

Fascinators or other small hats that are pre-1960s

Blown-out shoes or bags

 We will give you the fairest price we can. It might not be as much as you're hoping for, but we'd love to lighten your load if we can. Please keep in mind that we usually scour estate sales, auctions, and thrift store for our goods, and that's along the lines of what we can afford to pay out. It all depends on quality, era, fabric, brand, and style.


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