As an accomplished film and TV costume designer, Fenton Fox founder Lizzie Cook has had her hands in the creative field for the better of 2 decades. She studied with an accomplished seamstress who taught Lizzie the intricate techniques needed to specialize in lingerie and swimwear.
Forever evolving and searching for inspiration, she created Fenton Fox, an eco-friendly swimwear line for independent thinkers and troublemakers ( YOU! ). 
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Lizzie Cook Swimwear Designer

Fenton Fox Swimwear Designer Lizzie Cook shot by Nathan Keay
Having grown up near the lakes in Michigan, Lizzie has always had strong ties to anything in and around water. Today, Fenton Fox strives to be as low-impact as possible doing "what we can when we can" to avoid the disastrous environmental effects of fast fashion. Our mission is to reduce the waste in oceans, making them nicer for you to swim in ( in your Fenton Fox suit of course! ). Using custom-printed fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, we utilize every inch of our materials in a further effort to reduce waste. 
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Fenton Fox Handmade Swimwear
Fenton Fox Handmade Swimwear
When Lizzie isn't designing swimwear or costuming, she finds time to spend with her handsome pup, Roky exploring Chicago and the lakes of Michigan, while listening to old punk records and searching for the best thin-crust pizza around. 
Lizzie and Roky
Lizzie Cook Fenton Fox
Damn, talk about a babe who knows how to multi-task, amiright?
Do you have a passion for mixing textures and patterns, vintage with new, cherishing old memories and a devotion to making new ones?
Let us create a style unique to you.
Wear our suits wherever your adventures take you. 
Take a peek at Lizzie's costuming portfolio HERE

 Fenton Fox Swimwear