Handmade swimwear size chart
We customize and sell separates so you can party in a bikini that fits you.
Our goal is to make you feel like the fox you are when you wear our swimwear. 
Here's a general size guide, but please feel free to reach out for any specifics!
handmade swimwear measuring guide
Here's a size chart and additional info!
1-Measure bust size, in inches.  Wrap a measuring tape around your chest at the fullest point. Not too tight!
2-Measure waist.  Stand tall and tilt to one side to note where your natural waist is--measure that baby in inches with measuring tape held loosely.
3-Measure hips. Stand with your weight even on your feet. Measure around your booty at the fullest point, also not too tight.
4-Find your size in the chart below using your measurements!
Extra credit! Email us with any special size notes! Long torso? Short torso? Transitioning? Little in the middle but ya got much back? Opposite of that? Tiny rib cage? Straight up and down? Because Fenton Fox suits are made-to-order, we can accommodate any unique shape. Let's talk about any special sizing you need and we'll make that happen.
Fenton Fox handmade swimwear size chart

If you're still unsure about what size would suit you best, write us a love note at and we'd be happy to help.