Bold magenta and rich yellow highlights peeking through earthy tones. The colors of the desert in bloom inspired Fenton Fox's newest women's swimwear collection. 
Having spent a portion of 2020 waking up with the sun in the Yavapai desert, Fenton Fox founder, Lizzie created a bold swimwear line with clean, crisp lines. Inspired by this land of contrasts, the Yavapai collection is half bright and saturated, half neutral and earthy. Bold and chic, yet unfussy with no closures in a simple 90's inspired silhouette.
desert blooms
With colors that conjure memories of sunsets against the wild and untamed earth, this collection is highly pigmented, using recycled materials to leave the smallest environmental impact possible. 
Desert rainbow
The captivating palette after a desert storm made it's way into our hearts and onto our swimsuits!
desert blooms
           This collection means so much to us that we collaborated with our friends at Papers + Ink to make you custom printed rolling papers meant to match your swimwear. 
 A female led collective of creators, Papers + Ink Studio develops products for the sophisticated smoker ( you! ). Their papers are beautiful works of art inspired by travels, vintage textiles, and botanicals. Using high quality, always cruelty free, sustainable materials, Papers + Ink is elevating the experience of rolling to an art form...the art of rolling™
We worked together using our desert inspiration and their expertise to create a bright high quality, queen size joint rolling papers that are our new obsession. Yavapai Sunrise is inspired by the incredible rock landscape and colors of Yavapai county during sunrise seshes. Check em out HERE. These babes are Fox Club VIP and we can't wait to roll one up with Candice and Carolyn! 
desert theme rolling papers
Shop the Yavapai Collection HERE or at The Fox Club Chicago in West Town.
We love to see where you wear your Fenton Fox.
What's your favorite escape?
Lizzie and Chanel

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