Summer is finally here and that warmth is hitting full force!! We, here at Fenton Fox live for summer! Nothing beats the backyard BBQs, rooftops, beach time and lake fun. Chicago comes ALIVE once that sun comes out. Man oh man has it been a humid one though! We aren't here to talk about the weather, so let's get on with it...

Our girl Chanel (@goldstruck) just recently hit the beach for the first time since moving to the midwest and is here to show us some pro tips from a California native on what to bring to the beach in Chicago. 

Chicago Beach

First Stop: The Fox Club!!! Stop in to make sure you have the cutest suit around... Chanel picked up the Banderas Bandeau Bikini Top paired with the Del Palamar High Waisted Bikini Bottom. It's a simple classic set that's literally flattering on EVERY BODY.

what to bring to the beach in Chicago


"I wear fussy things all the time. At the beach, I often like to keep it simple and wear a suit that flatters me and keeps all the important bits in place." 

Our beach pro also recommends laying out on our Turkish linen towels.  "I travel with them as they're absorbent, lightweight and great for so many uses. Obviously this towel can be used as a towel ( duh ), lightweight enough to use as a sarong and crumbles easily into even the smallest beach bag." We even recently made throw pillow covers out of them since we love the fabric so much in the shop. 

In order to keep your suit fresh and performing well, we suggest grabbing our chlorine remover. Especially formulated for swimming in the pool, this magical cleanser ALSO removes any junk from our beautiful lake that may fade or mess with your beloved bikini. This handmade cleanser also smells like paradise. You spend a lot of money on your swimwear, so we really hope you take care of your investment. 

how to keep your bikini clean

What's your beach bag style? Our vintage lover chooses to pop everything into a vintage picnic basket. Way cuter than a tote and a great repurposing of an item you probably have in your garage or parents' basement. If not, we have a handful of different sizes and shapes in stock at the Fox Club and Goldstruckgoods.com!

vintage beach basket

what to bring to the beach in Chicago

"I'm an anti-umbrella girl. Especially in windy ass Chicago. I'll always choose a hat over an umbrella for sun protection. My go-to hat brand is Wyeth (https://www.wyethusa.com/products/colbie) for anything from straw beach hats to trendy wool hats for winter. The styles are always current and the hats are made from the best materials." 

On the topic of sun-protection, we love mini guys that can be taken everywhere. Sun Bum is a cult favorite that comes in stick form so it can be applied anywhere anytime. It also has that magical vacation smell and coconut taste ( lip balm... not sure how the other products taste ). "I always have my Fenton Fox lip sunscreen with me and apply it multiple times during the day. Even in the dead of winter, ya gotta keep those lips protected." ( Our lip balm comes FREE! with any swimwear purchase). Also pictured: 80s vintage beach towel can be found at The Fox Club Chicago and the phone case is a must for keeping your phone dry and protected from sand. We prefer to use our FF beer cozies!! ( also free with swim purchase!)   

beach essentials

Don't forget your after-beach care! For you sun-worshippers and lovers, be sure to throw this after-sun serum in your handmade shark bag. This skin repair oil helps to repair sun damage, brighten dark spots, reduce scarring, sooth sunburns, heal wounds, and improves all-over skin health and tone. WHAAAAATTTTT????!!!! Ok, so now that you definitely want it, pop into The Fox Club Chicago or head over to goldstruckgoods.com

what to bring to the beach in Chicago

Chicago has 26 miles of shoreline so let's get out there this summer and show the beach what's up. 



Lizzie and Chanel 


Mostly everything pictured can be found at The Fox Club Chicago @thefoxclubchicago at 1047 N Western Ave. Just a couple doors down from The Empty Bottle. If you're looking for the Vans slip ons, grab em at vans.com and SunBum can be found at Target!

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