A vintage look book at The Empty Bottle featuring vintage from The Fox Club.
1960s vintage
1960s vintage
alien vintage
Our friends at The Empty Bottle just gave their legendary greenroom a makeover by the incredible Chicago-loved mural artist known as Sick Fisher (Joseph Nicholas Fisher if you must ). Sick Fisher's true passion is upgrading neglected spaces and site-specific murals or designs. The basement greenroom at the Bottle was the perfect spot. And they were chill enough to invite us down for a photoshoot.
We feel a SciFi nod and a bit of an other-worldy-ness that lends to a feeling of escape. More than happy to escape from this planet at this time, we met up with our buddy Chris Nightengale ( @nightengalephotography ) to shoot our space age pre-fall vintage looks in this special room. 
Chicago vintage store
Chicagos Best Vintage







"Other than my immediate decision to make the green room all green, there actually was a singular image that popped into my head, something I aimed for when completing this room… remember that one scene in Garden State where Zack Braff is wearing a shirt in the same pattern as the wall paper behind him? That’s what I was going for. I kinda wanted anyone who was wearing green to blend in like that one shot. I don’t think I ever even saw the movie, I just remember seeing the trailer and that scene was in it. Always, that stuck with me for some reason and it made its way into the Empty Bottle’s green room."- Sick Fisher  

handmade swimwear
Chicago swimwear store
 This bar/ music venue means a lot to us over here at The Fox Club. The staff helped us when our speaker wasn't working on opening night, it's where we have all of our very important Fox Club meetings and our shelter when we need that mid-winter shot of Malort to warm up.

"It’s my favorite venue in the city ❤️ it’s the ultimate great neighborhood bar that has always had the best shows. Since I’ve been in Chicago for 20 years, I’ve probably spent 10 of my New Years’ there and it’s always worth it. They let my friends' bands play there as well as have the best bigger bands come through. Too many favorite nights to count but one memory that sticks out is when they used to have a talk show thing on Mondays. I saw Cynthia Plaster Caster and King Khan and BBQ all in one night- played and interviewed and it felt like Christmas. I think that’s the feels that stay with me from EB—exciting and weird and a good place to hang with a bunch of other nut jobs." - Lizzie Cook, Fenton Fox founder and designer
alien cowgirl
The Empty Bottle is a Ukrainian Village staple. In the neighborhood since the mid 90's, our favorite local water hole has always had music as their forefront. Big bands, small bands and everyone in between have spent time in this basement, prepping themselves to take us away from reality, even just for a 20 minute set. If only we could be a fly on one of these walls.
Everyone needs an escape. For some of us, it's a show featuring local talent while you sip a Miller Lite. Having the bottle open again makes us feel like there is somewhere on this planet to escape to. Even just for a moment. 
alien cowgirl
cowgirl alien
For our shoot, we wanted to stay true to Sick Fisher's original visual with the all green camo effect and also loved the jarring contrast of stark white and bright red against the all green. Our vision in the space was intergalactic escapism.  Music is an escape, bars are an escape, planetary travel is an escape (don't worry, we ain't headed anywhere with Besos anytime soon. OR EVER.) We're talking 1960's futurism, the type of space travel of hopes and dreams.
white leather
vintage white leather
Having grown up with musician friends, a greenroom feels pretty comfy and home-like. Our alien is attracted to all things green: plants, emeralds, cannabis, money and we had a wonderful stay on Planet Empty Bottle x Sick Fisher. Thank you, Empty Bottle for once again making a place to escape to.
The Fox Club Chicago
vintage fringe
vintage red leather

The Fox Club is participating in a Block Party hosted by Jeff & Judes partnering with Empty Bottle on Saturday 10/09 called Thee Best Western. The aim is to celebrate the coolness that is our little corridor of businesses and celebrate the community that creates it. Join us for live music, vendors, discounts and specials! Keep your eyes on our socials for all the upcoming information.


Chanel + Lizzie

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Photographer: Chris Nightengale 
Style and Model Alien: Chanel of The Fox Club Chicago (who no longer is @Goldstruck hehe)
Location: The Empty Bottle 
Artist: Sick Fisher
Embroidered jacket: J.Woska

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